Technology shapes content

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To a certain extent technology shapes content. This is obviously not a new concept, but it is something I am actively aware of in my job. There are lots of examples of this but I will focus on Facebook videos.

When Facebook introduced auto play video ads the videos uploaded to Facebook started to change.  What is different about watching a video on Facebook as opposed to YouTube is that they auto load and play with no sound. Whereas on YouTube you select the video you want to watch first and then play it. in addtion embedded YouTube videos on Facebook don’t have the same functionality that Facebook videos do. Often it just displays as a link that you have to navigate to.

Because there is no sound when the video auto plays different techniques are used to try and get people to watch the whole video. For example subtitles are used not just to translate languages but to stop people scrolling past their video. It allows people to get more of an understanding of what the video is about because they can read the text and watch the visuals. As well as this the first few seconds of the video is critical to whether people pay attention to it or not.

This is really just touching the surface of the examples of recent changes in online video content, but interesting nonetheless.



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