Feral cats on Warddeken Country

“We made this footage ourselves and then Michael Lawrence-Taylor, Alys Stevens and Terry Mahney helped us edit a video about feral cats on our country.”

“When I was young, we used to see lots of native animals when we went hunting. But now we see a change. There are less native animals. It is really important to share that story with others in Australia and around the world who might have similar problems, so that we can work together to bring back native animals”

Terah Guymala – Warddeken Rangers and one of theĀ  producers of Feral cats on Warrdeken Country.

This video was a real team effort involving the Warddeken Rangers, Scientists and myself. We sat out at Manmoyi, an outstation in West Arnhem Land armed with a laptop, projector, video footage that the rangers recorded themselves and lots of ideas. We had five days to make a video, I remember at the time it felt like an impossible task, but somehow we finished in that time. Although I didn’t quite realise it at the time this work taught me a lot. Valuing peoples perspectives and ensuring their ideas and voice comes through in whatever communications products you are helping to create is the most important thing to remember. As communicators it is our job not to change what people are saying, rather it is to help people say it. We might think we are ‘experts’ and know how to tell stories. But really when it boils down to it, telling other peoples stories is far more interesting than telling your own. This idea extends beyond just creating videos.

This video was also selected to be broadcast on ICTV and is also available to be views on Indigitube

Feral cats on Warddeken country – National Science Week from Northern Australia Hub on Vimeo.


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